What is Andantes?


A website created by pilgrims for pilgrims.   

Based on an imaginative, slightly tongue-in-cheek approach.  

Featuring a very special guest: the errant knight Don Quixote and his faithful squire, Sancho Panza.   

Independent and characterised by its incisive spirit.  

Committed to the defence of the traditional pilgrimage values.  

Watchful of the latest developments along the Way.  

Essentially practical and always up-to-date.

Based on a global vision that looks to the past, present and future of the Way.  

Ground-breaking: the stages along the route are a thing of the past; this is all about personalisation and catering to individual tastes.  

With contributions from leading experts with an in-depth knowledge of the Way.  

A signature guide, unconditioned by commercial interests.  

Proud of its global vocation, with texts in Spanish, Galicia, English and Chinese (and that’s just for starters).

For the time being focused on Galicia, a miniature universe with no fewer than nine different ways.  

Offering regular updates with more details of the ways and all the latest news. 

Better and bigger thanks to your contributions. 

About us:

Antón Pombo, a pilgrim since 1984 who worked with Elías Valiña; an active member of various Friends of the Way of Saint James associations; a journalist specialised in the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela; in addition to collaborating with Gronze, he is the author of the Anaya guides to the Way of Santiago, the top sellers in the Spanish language.   

Pepe Formoso, an expert in communication and Director of Nordés-Cadena Radio until 2020; a pilgrim and member of Way of Saint James associations such as  FICS, AGACS and SOLPOR, and owner of a shelter and a hotel on the Way.  

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